Learn Safe Drive Safe helps learner drivers better prepare for solo driving.

Learn Safe Drive Safe

Driving on your own is different to driving with an instructor. Learn Safe Drive Safe looks to better prepare you for the future.

Driving well is not just purely about handing the car and dealing with traffic when travelling from A to B. It's about having the skills to drive safely whilst navigating through every day life - for example, when you have friends in the car, are late for an appointment, are tired or feeling stressed.  

Learn Safe Drive Safe uses a simple set of learning resources developed by the South Yorkshire Safer Road Partnership to help you to deal with these issues.  The scheme is delivered by specially trained instructors who will use the resources as part of your normal driving lessons.  The resources do not mean you will need more lessons, in fact they will help you to be better prepared for your test and more importantly, they will help you to be safer and better prepared for solo driving once you have passed your test.  

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Learn Safe Drive Safe/Engage was awarded a Prince Michael of Kent Award in 2014.

The instructor training element of the scheme is accredited by People 1st.

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